How to Be Creative With Your Web Theme

Website themes are crucial to any website owner because these themes dictate how your site will look and the style as well. The theme entails a range of themes like the font types of your web content, font sizes, and the color scheme among other areas that will add to the aesthetics of your website. Your theme is a reflection of your identity through your website and will improve the experience of each customer who will have a look at your site. There are several ways to be creative with your web themes that you can employ on your website to keep your target audience anxious for what’s net and even draw more traffic to your site.


Use creative clip art


There is no need to break the bank and invest so much in expensive images. You can source for free clip art online that you can separately upload or can be found in your Wix editor. Bringing life to your site through unique pictures will give your audience high expectations on the next content you post.


Video background


If your website homepage has a welcoming message that is in form of a video, you don’t have to travel miles looking for a good and beautiful background to make your site appealing. Using a video editor like nebula you can alter the background of your video to your preference.


Play with your color scheme


Keeping up with the current trends by incorporating a unique yet simple color scheme makes your site beautiful. You can merge primary monochromatic colors with a slight pop of a very vibrant accent color such as fuchsia. Ombre method is taking the list and this will need style but the result will wow your visitors.


Don’t use the usual font type


Most website owners love to use Times New Roman for their web content. This is becoming too obvious and makes your website look rather official, strict and dull. Why don’t you employ other font types like Calibri, Arial, Book Antiqua or Georgia among others available? Exciting font types gives visitors an idea that you are not only good at the content delivery but also design and art. Including graphics and other aspects like BIU Bold, Italics and Underline will be helpful.


Size your font


Font sizes are set to either enlarge or reduce the size of letters. Playing around with the font sizes in different areas of your website will give your audience a sense of creativity. Do not make the letters too small so that readers will have to squint and strain to read. However, don’t make them too big that readers will need to keep scrolling down before for a long tie so that they can finish reading your post. It gets boring and annoying.


If you’re targeting kids, you can opt to have interactive learning activities for toddlers on the site itself. Creativity on your website themes makes your website lively. A dull website rarely gets visits no matter how in depth and good quality your content is. People are attracted by a good looking website first then to the content and if these two are appealing, there are high chances of generating leads and sales.